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Defensible Spaces: Prevent Wild Fires

Wildfires are dangerous and frightening. Creating defensible spaces to meet fire codes will ensure your property is safer. Maintaining a defensible fire space around structures is not only required but essential to protect your home and surrounding homes.


The County of San Diego defines a defensible space as: "the area around a structure where combustible vegetation that can spread fire has been cleared, reduced or replaced. This space acts as a barrier between a structure and an advancing fire" (SD County). The requirement is to clear combustible vegetation in a 100-foot radius from any structure.


Weed abatement services create defensible spaces. A weed abatement consists of removing plants, grasses, etc that pose a fire hazard to occupied or vacant structures. Through this process the defensible space around structures is made and thus significantly reducing the risk of a wildfire.

Here are some before and after pictures of a typical weed abatement service.



The property now has a defensible space that meets fire codes.


Weed abatement service by Greenscene Landscape Services.

Photos by Greenscene Landscape Services.

Greenscene Landscape Services provides free quotes on weed abatement services.


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