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Mosquito Repellent Plants

Looking to prevent mosquito bites? Check out these mosquito repellent plants!


1. Lemon Balm 

When lemon balm leaves are rubbed on the skin the natual ingredients of the plant act as a mosquito repellent. Lemon balm is also well known for healing properties. Some use lemon balm to calm anxieties, relax the mind, and it is also known to help digestive stress.

Lemon Balm


2. Lavender 

These plants are sure to make your yard look beautiful and smell wonderful. Lavender can be applied directly to the skin and act as a mosquito repellent or can work its magic simply by its presence.

DIY a lavender spray mist with your flowers and you will have a repellent you can take anywhere! 


3. Feverfew 

Feverfew plants can be planted near windows and doors to help repel mosquitos. These flowers are a perfect addition to any garden as they are beautiful and will help keep those pesky mosquitos away from your home. 

Feverfew also has ingredients that are known to help relieve migraines and fevers!


4. Lantana 

Yet another beautiful flower that will look amazing in your backyard and help repel mosquitos. These flowers are also known to attract beautiful wildlife like butterflies. 


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